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Naptime Craft: Baby Leg Warmers

If you remember my Fashionable Lovelies post a couple weeks back, my brother-in-law is getting married this weekend. Both boys are in the wedding (because it would be pretty awkward to only include one twin) as ring bearers; they’ll be pulled down the aisle in a little sled the bride-to-be fixed up for them. This means FANCY clothes for my baby monkeys—and all white. I looked everywhere for white baby pants. I decided, finally, against sewing pants, since they would have to be lined to not be see-through. The only pairs I found to buy were either a) too thin or b) too holy-cow-these-tiny-pants-are-$40-per-pair expensive.

So what do you think I did? Bought a big skein of white yarn and made 2 pairs of baby leg warmers. I looked at all the crocheted baby leg warmers patterns I could find, like this one and this one here, but finally settled on this one from Alli Crafts. It’s a little fancier-looking without being too girly, and W O W, did it work up fast! I will definitely make these again for a baby gift, maybe with a little matching hat?

Here’s what I used:

  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn in White (I barely made a dent in 1 skein after completing 4 leg warmers.)
  • An H-8 (5mm) crochet hook
  • A large-eyed needle

Then go visit Alli Crafts for the pattern. And while you’re there, you really should check out her many other awesome (and FREE) patterns!

Work in progress: You can see the neat ribbed effect from the fpdc.


I used Alli Craft’s own modification to fit 6-9 months. My boys wear 6-9 month clothes and this fit perfectly with the yarn and hook I used. (Her original pattern was much too small for them; I tried it first and pulled it out. Great for a newborn, though.)


I did add a ribbed bit to the top cuff to make it look more finished. Here’s what I did:

  1. After completing your final round, join with slip stitch and chain 6.
  2. Turn, single crochet in back loop only beginning in the 2nd chain from the hook. Slip stitch into the top of the last round.
  3. **Ch 1, turn, sc back loop only in each sc (5 sts). Ch 1, turn, sc back loop only in each sc (5 sts); slip stitch into the top of the last round.
  4. Repeat from ** all the way around the leg warmer. Slip stitch through back loops of first and last rows to connect. Weave in ends.


I recommend a nice, soft yarn if your baby will wear these more than once. The Red Heart is fine since they’ll wear them once, but it isn’t very soft.



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BONUS! Naptime Craft: Baby Leg Warmers

Legwarmers on babies are adorable but people. Those things cost like $12 per pair. And I have two babies! They are not $24-for-one-cute-day cute. Don’t worry, though! There is a cheaper option, just as cute, and it took me maybe a minute per pair. Will and Robert will be wearing them as part of their Halloween costume (Thing 1 and Thing 2). They’re so cute, people may faint as we pass. (The babies, not the leg warmers, although those are pretty cute, too.)

Baby Leg Warmers

You need two things. TWO. I kid you not. The only materials are a pair of women’s knee socks and a good, sharp pair of scissors. (You may also want a straight edge to get a nice, even line if your socks aren’t striped like mine are.)My socks were $3 at Walmart.

Take your socks and cut them straight across above the heel. Tug gently on the cut edge; it should roll up. You may need to help it roll evenly. That’s it! You’re done!

NOTE: I had planned to use this tutorial, which is simple and just as cute. I actually started making them that way- I had one bottom cuff completely done, and I was about to sew it on, when I realized the bottoms of the leg warmers, where I had cut off the sock foot, had rolled up all cutely (yes, socks can roll cutely). I can’t attest to how mine will hold up in the wash with an unfinished edge, though.


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