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Little Glimpses

So, yes, we’ve moved, and no, we are not finished unpacking. (Would you like to come unpack the rest of our stuff? Pretty please?) Anyways, I’ve been slooooooooowly working through the boxes- it’s quite the process, since we didn’t go through anything before we packed it all up. (Side note: if you can avoid moving while hugely pregnant and on strict bedrest, I highly recommend waiting. If it can’t be avoided, well, have fun unpacking mystery boxes later! With help! From toddlers!)

In the meantime, though, I’ve been trying to make the boxless (or box-light) parts of our new place feel home-y. We’re getting there.


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Friday’s Finds: Pretty Pillows

Seeing as I’m on bedrest, pillows seemed like an appropriate find for today! These are fun, bright, and cheerful, just like I like my pillows; I’m pretty sure they could make the bleakest day of bed rest THAT MUCH happier.

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Big Bow Pillow Cover, Soraam, $32
2. Chinoiserie Long Pillow, Dwell Studio, $58
3. Paint Palette Pillow, CB2, $34.95
4. Moi et Toi natural linen pillow cover, Hazel and Hunter, $60
5. Marimekko Kanteleen Kutsu Throw Pillow, FinnStyle, $64

(Clockwise from upper left)
6. Zigzag Velvet Pillow, Urban Outfitters, $32
7. Sailor Rectangles Pillow, Unison Home, $52
8. Crest & Fall Pillow, Anthropologie, $98
9. Orimono Pillow, Anthropologie, $88
10. Vilmie Figur Cushion Cover, Ikea, $10
11. Henny Cushion Cover, Ikea, $6
12. Clementine Beads Canvas Pillow, Hable Construction, $95

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