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Naptime Craft: Pennant Cupcake Toppers

People, these are adorable. Adorable, and can be completed in one naptime, even if your little monkeys think “nap” means “twenty minute power charge” (AHEM, Baby Jake. Now give your mama a break!).

Here’s what I used:

  • Double-stick tape
  • Craft knife and scissors (or just scissors is fine, too)
  • Pretty paper: I used scrapbook paper I had left over from other things, but you could use wrapping paper, wall paper, construction paper… Endless options!
  • Toothpicks

Here’s what I did:

NOTE: Obviously, this isn’t the only way to do these, but it was definitely faster than other ways I’ve tried! And around here, faster is good!

  1. Cut long strips of paper a little wider than your tape.
  2. Cut a loooooong piece of tape: you want it to go the whole length of your little paper strip. Now stick that tape to your paper.
  3. Cut the long strip into shorter sections. (Mine were about 3 inches long; I eyeballed it.)
  4. Fold them in half with the toothpick in the middle. (Don’t fold them in half and then try to put the toothpick in afterwards!)
  5. Cut a little triangle out of the end of your little flag, if you like.
  6. All done! So cute! Throw a party!



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Naptime Craft: Springtime Baby Sweater

WHERE have I BEEN, you ask? Well, after a crazy run of brother-in-law’s wedding, my family visiting, sick babies, and general craziness and havoc, I’ve had my hands full. But I have not been idle! Actually, that’s not entirely true. With the change of seasons, I got a little craft-stuck: I could not, for the life of me, think of anything to make that wasn’t a big fluffy scarf or mittens or some other wintery thing. Plus, I was bored of making the same ol’ projects. So I decided, what the heck. I’ll give something more complicated a try. How ’bout a baby sweater? Sure. And if it’s a disaster, I’ll rip it all out and wind the yarn back into a ball and never speak of it. It will be my disastrous little secret.

So I hopped on Ravelry and searched through their patterns, automatically tossing out anything that was knitted (duh, since I don’t knit), super girly, or super complicated-looking. This left me with just a handful of patterns, two of which I thought had the most potential. Then I got freaked out by the prospect of sleeves, and piecing it together, and ending up with something inside out… Which left me with the Bombay Love pattern from Yarny Days. And PEOPLE, this pattern ROCKS. It rocks in an all-caps, italicized kind of way. It is adorable and so easy it’s shocking.

This short-sleeved little sweater is crocheted in one piece from the top down. There is nothing to piece together, no separate sleeves to make, nada. And it’s worked in double crochet, so it goes very quickly. As usual, I made a couple modifications of my own, but nothing major to the pattern.

Here’s what I used:

  • Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in Seaspray (for the sweater) and Red Barn (for the edging and closures). It uses less than one skein for a whole sweater!
  • A size J-10 (6 mm) crochet hook
  • A large-eyed needle
  • 2 buttons

A few notes:

  • You can easily change the size of the sweater by changing hook and/or yarn size. Mine is larger than hers (worsted weight yarn and a J hook gave me a sweater that I think is 6 month size, meaning, it was a little small on my boys) but it took a couple tries to get it the size I wanted. I started another sweater, again with worsted yarn, but this time with an H-8 (5mm) hook and it’s more like a 0-3 month size.
  • The pattern author recommends 2 sc in each corner when you’re doing the edging, or the edges will curl. I’m still having a little curling, so I would recommend 3 sc in the corners.
  • I sewed on my buttons so the sweater front is crossed over the other side. I like this look, plus mine turned out a little wide, so this made it narrower. For a very chubby baby, this might make it too slim.
  • The pattern author made her sweater closure by knitting a cord with double-pointed needles. Like I said, I don’t knit, so you have a couple options. You could buy a little bit of cord or ribbon, or (and this is what I did), you could crochet a simple closure. Here’s how I made mine: ch 26; leave enough chs to make a loop that your button can pass though; sc in each remaining ch and fasten off.

So gather your yarn and head over to the Bombay Love pattern at Yarny Days. Get a move on!


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Naptime Craft: Baby Leg Warmers

If you remember my Fashionable Lovelies post a couple weeks back, my brother-in-law is getting married this weekend. Both boys are in the wedding (because it would be pretty awkward to only include one twin) as ring bearers; they’ll be pulled down the aisle in a little sled the bride-to-be fixed up for them. This means FANCY clothes for my baby monkeys—and all white. I looked everywhere for white baby pants. I decided, finally, against sewing pants, since they would have to be lined to not be see-through. The only pairs I found to buy were either a) too thin or b) too holy-cow-these-tiny-pants-are-$40-per-pair expensive.

So what do you think I did? Bought a big skein of white yarn and made 2 pairs of baby leg warmers. I looked at all the crocheted baby leg warmers patterns I could find, like this one and this one here, but finally settled on this one from Alli Crafts. It’s a little fancier-looking without being too girly, and W O W, did it work up fast! I will definitely make these again for a baby gift, maybe with a little matching hat?

Here’s what I used:

  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn in White (I barely made a dent in 1 skein after completing 4 leg warmers.)
  • An H-8 (5mm) crochet hook
  • A large-eyed needle

Then go visit Alli Crafts for the pattern. And while you’re there, you really should check out her many other awesome (and FREE) patterns!

Work in progress: You can see the neat ribbed effect from the fpdc.


I used Alli Craft’s own modification to fit 6-9 months. My boys wear 6-9 month clothes and this fit perfectly with the yarn and hook I used. (Her original pattern was much too small for them; I tried it first and pulled it out. Great for a newborn, though.)


I did add a ribbed bit to the top cuff to make it look more finished. Here’s what I did:

  1. After completing your final round, join with slip stitch and chain 6.
  2. Turn, single crochet in back loop only beginning in the 2nd chain from the hook. Slip stitch into the top of the last round.
  3. **Ch 1, turn, sc back loop only in each sc (5 sts). Ch 1, turn, sc back loop only in each sc (5 sts); slip stitch into the top of the last round.
  4. Repeat from ** all the way around the leg warmer. Slip stitch through back loops of first and last rows to connect. Weave in ends.


I recommend a nice, soft yarn if your baby will wear these more than once. The Red Heart is fine since they’ll wear them once, but it isn’t very soft.


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Naptime Craft: Chunky Cowl

Yes, I know, this post is late (again). However, this time I have the really fantastic excuse of having had a baby throwing up yesterday, which is pretty much a get-out-of-jail-free card for anything. But he’s fine today, so I’m only one day late!

This cowl goes so quickly. You could almost do it in your sleep. I actually made it bigger than I wanted, and ripped it all out and started over, and it still only took a quarter or two of the Super Bowl. I used one ball of bulky yarn, which was plenty big- and you know I love my one-ball projects!

Here’s what I used:


I used the Openwork Crocheted Cowl pattern from the Lion Brand site; just click the link to go straight to the pattern. (You may need to have an account and be logged in to view it.)

Getting started:

Here’s what the double crochets look like close up:

Note: I added a few chains to the foundation row because my yarn was little thinner than the yarn pattern calls for (bulky, instead of super bulky).

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Naptime Craft: Pom Pom Hat

This one’s grown-up sized! (I know, shocking.) I used the Ballpark Hat pattern from the Lion Brand app (also available on the Lion Brand website). Such an easy pattern, and worked up so fast. It uses only single crochets and half double crochets and is worked in the round. The color change was unintentional: I ran out of my first color of yarn and had to switch! I like the end result, though, of the color blocking. Wouldn’t it be fun in a neutral and a very bright color, changing colors about halfway up?

Here’s what I used:

  • Vanna’s Choice yarn in Grey Marble (most of the hat) and Charcoal Grey (top of hat and pom pom).
  • A size I-9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook
  • A large-eyed needle

You can find the pattern here on the Lion Brand site.

You may need to have an account and be logged in to view the pattern. (Totally worth it, though, I think; they have lots of good, free patterns.)


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Yarn Sale PSA

Through tomorrow, February 11, Michaels has Lion Brand Homespun yarn on sale, 3 for $10. And even better (in my opinion, at least), Fisherman’s Wool is 2 for $10, regularly $12 EACH! This is a great time to stock up on yarn for your projects. I just finished a beautiful shawl that uses 2 skeins of Homespun (and I’ll share pictures soon).

Tomorrow: my apology for ruining everyone’s budget.

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Naptime Craft: Phone Cover (and Crocheting in Both Sides of a Chain)

I’ve been browsing through crochet patterns online for fun patterns to try, and found one for a phone cozy that looked simple and cute. It is worked in the round on both sides of the chain row. It took me some mental calesthenics to wrap my brain around that, so maybe I’m a bit dim, because it’s actually very simple:

I made mine for an iPhone, and ch 11 (so, 20 stitches total around, as in the diagram above) fit perfectly with my yarn and H hook. It could be easily made bigger to fit a tablet or eReader; just add more chains and more rounds.

Here’s what I used:

  • Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in Northern Lights
  • A size H-8 (5 mm) crochet hook
  • A large-eyed needle
  • A small button

And here’s the pattern.

Note: the original pattern has you leave one long side of the case open; my variation leaves a short side (the top or bottom) open. Totally personal preference. So where she chained 18 and worked 12 rounds, I chained 10 and worked about 22 rounds.


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