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The Big O N E

(I’ll post their birth story soon, but for today, I’m wiped out. Enjoy some birthday cuteness!)



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For People Like Me Who Can’t Frost a Cake

If you have a wonderful cake topper, NO ONE WILL CARE! Brilliant.

Thanks to Hip Hip Hooray* for reminding me of one of my very favorite Etsy shops, Ready Go, which carries a variety of toppers– banners, pennants, brides and grooms, animal illustrations- for cakes and cupcakes. Now I want to bake something, just so I can use some of these! How fun would these be for a wedding?

They also have some fun calling cards, mini matchbook notepads, gift tags, and stationary.

*Psssst… Hip Hip Hooray is a fantastic resource for party inspiration. It’s geared towards kids’ parties, but so many of the resources and creative ideas can be used for grown-ups, too.

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