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Naptime Craft: Pennant Cupcake Toppers

People, these are adorable. Adorable, and can be completed in one naptime, even if your little monkeys think “nap” means “twenty minute power charge” (AHEM, Baby Jake. Now give your mama a break!).

Here’s what I used:

  • Double-stick tape
  • Craft knife and scissors (or just scissors is fine, too)
  • Pretty paper: I used scrapbook paper I had left over from other things, but you could use wrapping paper, wall paper, construction paper… Endless options!
  • Toothpicks

Here’s what I did:

NOTE: Obviously, this isn’t the only way to do these, but it was definitely faster than other ways I’ve tried! And around here, faster is good!

  1. Cut long strips of paper a little wider than your tape.
  2. Cut a loooooong piece of tape: you want it to go the whole length of your little paper strip. Now stick that tape to your paper.
  3. Cut the long strip into shorter sections. (Mine were about 3 inches long; I eyeballed it.)
  4. Fold them in half with the toothpick in the middle. (Don’t fold them in half and then try to put the toothpick in afterwards!)
  5. Cut a little triangle out of the end of your little flag, if you like.
  6. All done! So cute! Throw a party!



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Little Glimpses

So, yes, we’ve moved, and no, we are not finished unpacking. (Would you like to come unpack the rest of our stuff? Pretty please?) Anyways, I’ve been slooooooooowly working through the boxes- it’s quite the process, since we didn’t go through anything before we packed it all up. (Side note: if you can avoid moving while hugely pregnant and on strict bedrest, I highly recommend waiting. If it can’t be avoided, well, have fun unpacking mystery boxes later! With help! From toddlers!)

In the meantime, though, I’ve been trying to make the boxless (or box-light) parts of our new place feel home-y. We’re getting there.

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A Birthday Spectacular

Today was Rich’s 30th birthday. I think he’s good and sick of me telling everyone he’s turning thirty, but I think it’s wonderful. A new decade! Think of all of the ick and messes and figuring out who you are and where you want to be when you’re in your twenties… it’s DONE! And now, it’s a fresh set of years with so many Big Things already done and our little family facing it together. We had a wonderful, relaxed day of simple meals, The Muppets movie, a shopping (browsing, really) trip, and cheerful and cooperative babies.

A very happy birthday to my best friend and sweeeeeeet love!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Ink & Squid! I hope you know how much you are loved today.

All images copyright 2012 by Ink & Squid. All rights reserved.

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Fashionable Lovelies: Photographing a Winter Wedding

I almost forgot Fashionable Lovelies had even existed when I started writing this post! Been long enough, huh?

I’m shooting my first wedding since having the boys (actually, first since before I was pregnant!) in THREE WEEKS. (Give me a second for my heart to restart. Ok, go.) My brother-in-law is getting married, so I don’t want to wear my normal plain black, since I’ll be in some photos. Rich will be in a tux, and even my boys will be dressed up (they’re ring bearers!), so I can’t be too casual or bland. I also need to be comfortable, decently warm, and able to nurse easily. Easy as pie. HA HA HA.

So, Rich and I went to Target, where I tried on every. single. top. they carried and he stood guard with the boys. Finally, he picked out the top in the middle below, and it is perfect! (Phew.) I’m pairing the top with a pair of black skinny jeans with a little stretch (and no awkward gap in the back), flat boots, and a simple cardigan in a solid color. Since the outfit is pretty plain, I’ll be dressing it up with big jewelry, then finishing it off with a big bag with a camera case insert and my beautiful birthday-present camera strap. TA DA! All dressed.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Mossimo Women’s Skinny Jean | Target
  2. Shawl Cardigan | Target
  3. Gold necklace (similar to mine that was my Grandma’s)
  4. Filigree Teardrop Earrings | Forever 21
  5. Maybelline SuperStay 24 lip color in Forever Chestnut |
  6. Mossimo Flutter Sleeve Top | Target
  7. Tokyo Dreamer camera strap in Sky Blue | Photojojo
  8. Mossimo Supply Co. Crossbody in Green | Target
  9. ‘ONA’ Any Bag Camera Bag Insert | Photojojo
  10. Report Myles Bootie | DSW


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Yarn Sale PSA

Through tomorrow, February 11, Michaels has Lion Brand Homespun yarn on sale, 3 for $10. And even better (in my opinion, at least), Fisherman’s Wool is 2 for $10, regularly $12 EACH! This is a great time to stock up on yarn for your projects. I just finished a beautiful shawl that uses 2 skeins of Homespun (and I’ll share pictures soon).

Tomorrow: my apology for ruining everyone’s budget.

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The Cutest Fox Hat and Baby Booties, Maybe Ever.

Rich’s cousin Kate (of Gossycrafts) is an amazing crocheter. Seriously amazing. She’s made some of The Awesomest baby gifts for my boys, including dinosaur hats (!!!), a star garland, dinosaur toys, and little sweaters.

She just made a little set for a baby shower: baby booties and a little fox hat. They are so, so (, so, ad infinitum) cute! That Mama and Daddy are going to love them.

Now, go check out Kate’s blog for the whole story and patterns, plus more amazing projects, patterns, and works-in-progress!

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