Naptime Craft: Earflap Hat (with Flowers) for a Baby Girl

Ladies and gentlemen, I am late again. Maybe I should just move my Naptime Craft posts to Wednesday and always be on time! (We all know that wouldn’t happen, though; then I would end up posting them on Thursdays.) BUT the point is, I have another craft for you, and oh baby, it is so cute. See?

I’m in that stage of life where people start popping out babies like crazy, and I’ve just sort of fallen into making them all baby hats. I’ve made several of my Baby Bear Hats in different variations and colors; one of my favorites was for my cousin’s wife, pregnant with a little girl, and done in light gray with a yellow band around the bottom and tiny yellow flowers by the ears. I love that Baby Bear Hat—it makes me happy every time I make one, like this one here I just finished for Baby Jacob (modeled by Will, who was less than thrilled to have a hat on):

(What is it about babies in hats with ears that just makes my heart melt?)

This time, though, I wanted to try a new pattern. My brother’s amazing girlfriend Margot told me about the Lion Brand yarn app for the iPhone, which is full of wonderful, searchable, easy-to-do-able patterns. I found one I mostly liked—Mini Hat Trick. I say I mostly liked it, though; I made a few changes of my own. I changed colors for the last row of the hat, as well as the ear flaps, and only did one row of edging (because I was afraid three rows would make the hat too long). I left off the ties; any long, stringy thing makes me nervous on babies (like bibs with ties or hoodie toggles). And for the finishing touch, I added a flower and a couple of leaves. The hat came out so cute that I’ve been walking around with it on an acorn squash just to admire it! (Yep, I’m a huge dork. And acorn squash is the most newborn-baby-head-sized thing around here.)

Here’s what I used for the hat:

And for the flower and leaves:

Here’s what I did:

  1. Follow the Mini Hat Trick pattern. (See above for the changes I made, if you want to make the same ones.)
  2. Create your double flower following Action Hero’s tutorial. I looped my pink yarn back through the center of the flower to add contrast once the flower was completed.
  3. Make your leaves. Mine is one little pointy-ended oval I sort of made up as I went, increasing at the beginning, decreasing at the end, then single-crocheting around the whole thing. (If you want a pattern, here’s a simple pattern for leaves I just found—look below the flower pattern.)
  4. Sew the leaves, then the flower, to your hat.
  5. Tell everyone in earshot how unbelievably adorable your hat is, then give it to one lucky little baby girl!

(One day, he’s going to hate me for sticking a girl’s hat on his head and taking a picture. He was less than thrilled already!)

P.s. If you were thinking this hat looks cute enough to make for yourself, follow this Lion Brand patternFlagstone Earflap Hatfor an adult-sized similar version.



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3 responses to “Naptime Craft: Earflap Hat (with Flowers) for a Baby Girl

  1. Very cute! I’ve been busy making baby hats like crazy, too. Seems like everyone I know is having a baby!

  2. twinkletoes2day

    Ooh, mega cUte!! I must get me this pattern with your embellishments. Thank you 😀

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