Useful Trick: Rolling Plastic Bags

Confession: sometimes, I forget my wonderful reusable shopping bags at home when I go grocery shopping. (Gasps of horror!) But we always use (and use and use) those little plastic shopping bags- they aren’t wasted! I do love the idea of using washable wet bags, but we have no washer. This trick lets me reuse something that already exists; no need to buy fancy plastic bags (although the little dispensers are super cute). Here’s what I do with my plastic bags:

1. Start with an empty plastic shopping or grocery bag. Obviously, I shop at Target.)

2. Take your plastic bags and flatten them out by pulling on one corner of the bottom of the bag and the same side’s handle…

3. …then repeat on the other side.

4. Now that you have a flat rectangle, begin to fold the bag long ways, smoothing and squishing out air as you go.

5. Voila! Long, skinny bag rectangle. Smooth it once more to make sure all the air is out so it will roll up nice and tightly.

6. Starting from the closed end, fold up about an inch. Keep folding over and over and over, smoothing any air out as you go.

7. Stop folding when you have about 3 inches left; it should be just handle (of the bag) at this point.

8. Twist the handles twice, then pull around your little bag roll to hold it neatly rolled.

Ta da!

Now you have tiny rolled plastic bags that you can “recycle” as trash or wet bags. I always have a few in my diaper bag; they’re handy for dirty diapers when there isn’t a trash can around (like on a hike or car trip), messy clothes, or any random trash or odds and ends.


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