Diaper Bag Tetris: How I Pack It

Twins mean STUFF and lots of it. I’m just going to say it, though: I think I pack a lean, mean diaper bag. I always feel prepared for little crises and emergencies, and important things rarely get forgotten. I’ve worked hard and used trial and error to come up with a list that fits everything in without unnecessary extras, but not missing anything we might (reasonably) need while we’re out.

So, what’s in the bag?

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Linking rings and a couple small, quiet toys
  2. Gas drops, infant acetaminophen, nasal saline spray, droppers and syringes
  3. Sippy cup (or bottle)
  4. Baby spoon
  5. Bib
  6. Diapers
  7. Wipes
  8. Disposable changing pad
  9. Burp cloth
  10. Extra onesie
  11. Knit hat
  12. Extra socks
  13. Extra leggings (DIY your own for under $3 with no sewing!) or pants
  14. Sling
  15. Flannel blanket
  16. Lightweight sweatshirt
  17. Travel-size first aid kit
  18. Disinfecting wipes (double bagged)
  19. Empty quart- and gallon-sized baggies
  20. Hand sanitizer and pacifier cleaning wipes
  21. Rolled-up plastic bags (here’s my how-to) for trash and dirty/wet things
  22. Extra pacifier and paci clip

I have a Skip Hop Duo diaper bag, and it holds all of this… TIMES TWO. Everything you see in that picture? There is two of almost everything there in that one bag. Plus my wallet, a couple pens and a little notebook, my phone, a travel-size moisturizer and a lip balm. PHEW!


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