Naptime Craft: “Joe’s Sweater” Mug Cozy

Hello to all, and I hope you’ve had wonderful holidays! We crashed into Monday completely exhausted from Christmas- the busiest time of year for the church- and spent the entire day scrubbing the house from top to bottom. (Let me add: this was compulsory cleaning. We intended to spend the entire day lounging around in our PJs, watching Holiday Inn and drinking coffee… but we have a mouse infestation. I have discovered my breaking point, and it is mouse poop in my silverware drawer. Thus, the cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning.)


I have a new Naptime Craft for you! This one was so easy and really adorable. I followed Color My World Crochet‘s “Joe’s Sweater” pattern. I think it took me an episode and a half of Burn Notice on Netflix. (I’ve realized that most of my time estimates are based on TV programs. Hm.)

Joe’s Sweater Mug Cozy

Here it is, being modelled by my (best-smelling-in-the-world) Mrs. Meyer’s Orange Clove soy candle. MMMMMMhmmm.

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what you do:

Now that you have all of your supplies gathered, go to Color My World Crochet, and download the (free) Joe’s Sweater pattern PDF. (Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the abbreviations she used.)

You’ll be using single crochet and half-double crochet for this pattern, working in a rectangle that is tighter along one edge, then slip-stitching the short edges together. It stays on my coffee cup really well and looks so snazzy with it’s little ribbed texture and buttons.


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One response to “Naptime Craft: “Joe’s Sweater” Mug Cozy

  1. Vicki

    I love your version of Patti’s pattern – it turned out great! Just wanted to thank you for giving my great friend a “shout out”! Happy New Year!

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