Wrap it Pretty: What to Do About Those Gift Cards!

Let’s talk gift cards.

I think gift cards are brilliant. I love them. I love getting them.

I do not, however, love giving them. I know that sometimes, they really are the perfect thing, but I always feel like a little bit of a jerk: like I didn’t really give a whole gift. And I hate the idea of the recipient feeling like I gave a gift card as an afterthought (although I’ve never felt like that when given a gift card!), so I like to think of ways to make a gift card feel more thought-through and personal.

One way to do that is to wrap it up beautifully. I know it’s easier to grab one of those lame little tins in the checkout line- or worse, just shove it into the envelope they give you and scrawl a name on the front. (No offense. But UGH.) A beautifully-wrapped package- even if it’s just socks inside!- always feels more important. So here are a few easy bits of inspiration that you can quickly DIY to make your gift cards (or whatever it is you’re giving) look like a million bucks!

P.s. Did I mention that they’re all F R E E (or nearly so)?

  1. Hand-drawn gift wrap from MiniEco: silver Sharpie on kraft paper.
  2. Handmade Holiday- Woodland Wrapping from Odessa May Society: white pen or marker on brown kraft or butcher paper.
  3. Holiday wrapping with paper bags from Alisa Burke: white-out pen and Sharpie marker on brown paper grocery bags!
  4. Fabric poppy flower gift toppers from Creature Comforts: red polyester fabric and black embroidery floss.
  5. Magazine-page gift bow from How About Orange: reuse your pretty magazine and catalog pages!
  6. Paper bow freebie and how-to from Ellinee: print out her template, cut it out, tape it together, and make things prettier.
  7. Sheet music gift wrap from French Larkspur: use old sheet music (or print some off) as beautiful wrapping paper.
  8. Waxed paper pom pom flowers from Nice Package: all you need is waxed paper and a little wire! They’re gorgeous.
  9. Yarn pom-pom gift topper from Creature Comforts: you know I love my pom poms! So simple and fun.

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