Make-It Gift: 2-Pom Crocheted Hat

I have something to admit: I have a thing for goofy hats. I’m talking giant pom poms, crazy stripes, animal shapes… and the silver sparkly Santa hat my mom just got me! (Have pity on my poor husband. My headgear can be pretty loud and embarrassing. For him, not me.)

So this gift is the perfect way for me to embarrass him in public more! It’s also very warm and works up quickly. (Helpful hint, though: if you want to make it even faster, use one color of yarn. All those end were a doozy!)

If you’re making this for a child, you’ll want to modify the pattern with fewer stitches per row and fewer rows, and maybe even use bulky or worsted weight yarn. Just make as many chains as it takes to get your hat the desired height, then as many rows as it takes to get your desired length.

2-Pom Crocheted Hat

Here’s What I Used:

  • Super-Bulky yarn in a variety of colors: I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Taupe, Citron, Butterscotch, and Raspberry and Hometown USA in Charlotte Blue and Aspen Tweed.
  • Size L-8 crochet hook: it’s a few sizes smaller than the yarn calls for, but I wanted a tighter stitch.
  • A needle with a large eye for weaving in your ends.

Here’s What I Did:

(Pssst… just so you know, the hat is just a big rectangle sewn together on two sides. Easy peasy!)

Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet

Ch 22 + 1 turning ch.
Row 1: Sc 1 in each ch (22 sts.)
Row 2-24: Sc 1 in the back post of each st across (22 sts.); this gives the hat a ribbed look. Change colors whenever you feel like it- here’s how to change colors. Or don’t change colors at all, if you rather.
Row 25: Sc 1 in the back post of each st, going through each ch as well, to make a tube.

Weave in all your ends.

Blanket stitch straight across the top of your tube to close it off.

Make two pom poms. Attach one to each corner of the top edge (that you just stitched shut) of your hat.

That’s it! Now wear it and feel ten times more fun.



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2 responses to “Make-It Gift: 2-Pom Crocheted Hat

  1. Margot :)

    Love this Bonnie! You really do look like you’re having 10x more fun! Hehe! Miss you!!

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