Wrap It Pretty: Origami Gift Boxes

I’m not even going to try to write my own tutorial for this, because it would be disastrous. I will, however, send you to the easiest-to-follow ones I’ve found so you can follow their directions and make your own lovely little boxes: here and here. Last year for Christmas, I made these in Christmassy paper, and Rich and I used them to package treats we made (Oreo truffles, chocolate-dipped madeleines, Buckeyes, and Earl Grey tea cookies) as Christmas gifts.

See? So pretty!

Here’s what you need:

And it goes kinda like this:

You can also make a lid by making a second box just a smidge larger (or just sort of stuffing the bottom into the top if they’re the same size). They make lovely packaging for small gifts, and are just that much cooler than a store-bought gift box.


Need to catch up on any of the 25 Days of Christmas you might have missed? Here they are:



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