Make-It Gift: Felted Wool Mug Cozy

I drink a lot of hot beverages—coffee, tea, cocoa, hot water with lemon and honey—so I have two major problems. Either the drink gets cold too quickly, or I burn the tar out of my poor little fingers trying to hold on to a cup that’s too hot. Enter: the mug cozy!

(Pardon the blurry photos… I’m using my parents’ camera and apparently it has a steeper learning curve than I realized!)

This project is so, so simple. You need to know how to single crochet in straight rows; that’s all! My mug cozy is felted, which is one extra, easy step to make it even cozier and smooshier; if you want to felt yours, be sure to use yarn that is 100% wool. Otherwise, use whatever you have on hand and skip that step.

Here’s what you need: 

  • yarn (I used Stitch Nation’s Full O’ Sheep in Poppy)
  • a crochet hook in the appropriate size for your yarn (mine is a J-10)
  • a needle with an eye large enough to fit your yarn
  • 2 buttons (be sure your needle can fit through their holes!)

And here’s what I did: 

ch=chain | sc= single crochet | sts= stitches 

Row 1: Ch 14 + 1 (the last one is your turning chain; your rows will be 14 sts long).
Row 2: *Sc in each ch (14 sts).
Row 3-44: Repeat from *. Go through your last stitch once more so it doesn’t unravel. Weave in all your ends.

My finished cozy, after felting (see below) is 3 inches high x 10 inches long.

For felting: 

Machine wash the cozy in hot water/ cold rinse with a very small amount of detergent. (Alternatively, hand wash in very hot water with a small amount of detergent, agitating with your hands or a wooden spoon, then rinse thoroughly with very cold water.) Block it into shape and let air dry flat.

Adding buttons: 

Sew on two buttons to one end of the long rectangle, leaving between 1/4—1/2 inch from the edges of the cozy. On the other end, sew two loops in the same position as the buttons so you can button it closed. (Mine are just a single piece of the same yarn, knotted on the back of the piece, the knotted again on the front so they don’t slip around.)

Other fun stuff: 

  • Add felt or crocheted flowers
  • Embroider a monogram
  • Use mismatched buttons, or one giant button
  • Change yarn colors once, twice, or a bunch of times for fun color-blocking or stripes
  • Give with a fun mug and a bag of coffee, some good tea, or hot chocolate on a stick!


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5 responses to “Make-It Gift: Felted Wool Mug Cozy

  1. Maggie

    Love them! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your family. Love.Maggie

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