Naptime Craft: Repurposed Toy Storage

Hi, my name is Bonnie, and I have twins in diapers.

Rich and I chose not to do cloth for several reasons, but BOY are we glad we didn’t now that we haven’t had a washer and dryer for a few months! I don’t know what we’d do with no washer, no laundromat in town… and SNOW! This leaves us with a problem, though (besides the trauma of paying for diapers for two babies): diaper boxes!

We buy our diapers in the big value packs to save money, which means lots of boxes. The boxes are actually great, though: nicely sized, sturdy, and with handles. We’ve used them to pack for our move, store things in our storage unit and rental… and there are still. more. boxes. That’s problem 1.

Here’s problem 2:

Yep. That’s toys. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. I’ve had them in a reusable shopping bag under the end table since we moved in, which is super classy and efficient. NOT.

Solution? You guessed it!

Here’s what you need:

  • Fabric: I used Ikea fabric left over from the boys’ quilt (same leftovers as the yo-yos– we’re getting major mileage from those 5 yards!). You need enough length to go all the way around the box’s sides plus a little overlap. Mine is 8″ higher than the box height, making my piece of fabric 52″ long x 16″ high total. (My box dimensions are 15″ long x 9″ wide x 8″ tall; make sure you measure yours since all boxes are different.)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Sharp scissors
  • And oh yeah, a diaper box. (No kids in diapers? Find someone with a little one in diapers and ask for one of theirs- they will not fight you!)

Here’s what I did:

  1. Cut off the box flaps.
  2. GO OUTSIDE and spray the wrong side of your fabric with spray adhesive. Working around the box, smoothing as you go, adhere the fabric to the box sides.
  3. With more adhesive, glue down the fabric into the inside of the box. Flip it over and adhere the fabric to the bottom as well. (I chose to leave the inside of my box unfinished, but you could easily line the inside with fabric as well; just cut to fit and adhere.)
  4. Leave the box OUTSIDE (or in the garage or on the porch) for a day or two until you can’t smell adhesive any more. This is important! You don’t want toys that go in baby mouths getting stinky glue all over them.

Fill with toys, and you’re done! This is one of my favorite crafts, because it’s cute, practical, and no-sew.



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4 responses to “Naptime Craft: Repurposed Toy Storage

  1. And the fabric you used could not be more perfect!
    Love you all…

  2. Susan Liebelt

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    Aunt Susan

  3. stephanie parker

    i am a mommy of twins and i buy diapers by the box too and i also use them as toy boxes, storage and crafts i love your site its awesome =]

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