Gifting Guide: The Kiddos, Part 1

Kids (and babies) can be some of the most difficult people to give gifts, especially if you aren’t up on all the latest trends. Because HEAVEN FORBID you give that special Little a Tickle-Me-Elmo when that is so last year, GEEZ.  So here are a few of my faves for you to make, if you’re feeling crafty, or buy, if you aren’t so much.



  1. Scratch-off world map, Uncommon Goods, $24
  2. Cirkustalt circus tent, Ikea, $19.99
  3. Tooth Vessel, BROOKLYNrehab, $25
  4. Ekorre toddler wagon/walker, Ikea, $19.99
  5. Hug and Hide Owl, Skip*Hop, $18
  6. Organic Driving Toy, Little Sapling Toys, $32
  7. Orange Secret Robot Plushy, designlab443, $40
  8. Leather-soled wool slippers, WoolyBaby, $38



  1. Tag blanket: SO easy, and babies go nuts over all the little ribbon tags.
  2. Angry Birds crocheted soft toys: These are amigurumi, little crocheted creatures that are made by single-crocheting in the round. You only need to know that one stitch!
  3. Roll-up busy book: Great for plane and car trips, doctor’s offices, church… anywhere you have a Little to keep occupied, and quiet(ish).
  4. Storybook-page placemats: A great way to save beloved children’s books that have been battered and beaten.
  5. Silly monsters wall art: Great for a big-kid room.
  6. Simple dollhouse: It’s Charlie and Lola-themed!
  7. Baby 3-button boots: Hip footwear for even the littlest Little.


Want more? Here are some fantastic sites to check out for inspiration for all your favorite Littles:



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