The 25 Days of Christmas

I KNOW. It’s barely November. However. I’m trying this new thing called “planning ahead”, which means that my decorating, baking, and gift-making need to get going so I’m not A) too late or B) horribly stressed and rushed.

And OH BOY am I so excited, because I have so much fun in store for you! I’ve decided that in addition to my regular weekly posts, that I’ll also have ONE CHRISTMAS-Y THING PER WEEKDAY for you for FIVE WEEKS! It’ll be…

(Full disclosure: it took ALL of my willpower to convince myself it was just a little too cheesy to call it The 25 Days of CRAFTSmas. I know. So dorky.)

I’ll be kicking off on Monday, November 14 with a new post every Monday through Friday for five weeks, so you’ll want to check back every day to make sure you don’t miss anything cool. Here’s a hint of what’s to come:

  • Crafts and projects to give as gifts to friends, family, neighbors, the mailman, your kid’s teacher…
  • Inexpensive (and even free!) decorations for your home
  • Festive recipes, to devour yourself or to share
  • Fun ideas to wrap and present your amazing creations

I hope you’re excited, too, and you’ll join me!



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One response to “The 25 Days of Christmas

  1. I’m excited; you’re excited; we’re all excited! 🙂

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