Five Things: Pregnancy Memories

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t actually written down a lot of thoughts, memories, and things during my pregnancy. I thought, this is stuff I will never, ever forget. I’ll write it down later, when I have time. (HELLO, Delusional Pregnant Lady!) Two babies later and…. some days I don’t even remember my first name. (Not really. But close.) So this one is for me (and my boys one day):

1. I was craving: orange juice and chocolate pudding.

2. Even thinking about it made me gag: EGGS. Eesh.

3. The only TV show I could watch without almost throwing up: America’s Funniest Home Videos. Rich is just now barely okay with watching it again.

4. Pregnancy cliche I swore would never happen to me: Crying for absolutely no reason.

5. Funniest comment on my pregnant belly: A mom told her 3 year old daughter there were babies in my belly (after asking when I was due on an elevator). The little girl walked all the way around me, squinted at my belly, and said, where?


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