Naptime Craft: Yo-yos

I have a confession. (Another one.) I am in love with fabric. Really, really in love. It’s almost a compulsion- I see a beautiful fabric and have to buy a yard.

This would not be nearly so bad if I sewed.

I have a machine and all, but right now, no place to put it. I could set it up on the kitchen table, but you know how that goes when you set projects up on the kitchen table. You NEVER EVER EVER eat there again, because it’s buried beneath a three-foot-deep pile of scrapbook paper and ribbons and scissors and envelopes and stickers.

So I’m basically limited to anything I can sew by hand. In an hour or less. Ha.

Enter: THE YO-YO.

Yo-yos are just gathered circles of fabric. You can buy a yo-yo maker and get perfect results every time- or you can make them without one, and still get perfect results every time! The very best tutorial I’ve found is from Tea Rose Home.* I won’t write out all the instructions for you, because hers will inevitably be better.

I have a pile of scraps laying around from the boys’ quilt (my aunt gave me the leftover fabric), and this is the perfect way to use them up AND make something pretty. If I had a daughter, she would be covered from head to toe in yo-yos; how sweet would they be on a head band? Or hair clip? Or sweater? Or shoes? Or dress? (Like I said, covered.) Even better, if you cut circles ahead of time, you can throw some thread, a needle, a little pair of scissors (or nail clippers) and your fabric circles into a baggie and take it anywhere. I even made some in the car! (Don’t worry. Rich was driving.)

Here’s my scrap pile and a couple circles ready to go:

And here’s the gear—my cup-template, needle and thread, and one finished yo-yo:

Mine are going on a plain black shirt:

A couple things that I learned:

You can use anything round and pretty sturdy for a template- I used one of those red plastic cups because it was the perfect size for my scraps.

The color of your thread doesn’t matter. You won’t see any of it. So use whatever you’ve got around!

You have to fold over the edge and sew through both layers of fabric. Somehow I missed this. It worked fine anyways (see below for how I fixed it), but if you want neat, finished edges, fold over and sew through both layers.

Heavy-weight fabric (like I used) won’t close as tightly in the center. I got around this by sewing around the edge without folding over (so the edges aren’t neat and finished-looking), and putting a button in the center to cover the raw edges. Lightweight fabric would work better for these, unless you want button centers.

* While you’re checking our her tutorial, you should see all the other amazing ones she has!



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3 responses to “Naptime Craft: Yo-yos

  1. Looks like it’s time for a crafting/baking/photo party!

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