Five Things

Hello, my name is Bonnie, and I am a list maker.

I love lists. When I was a kid, I would make lists of things I liked and disliked… just because. I would write to-do lists, shopping lists, lists of schools I was interested in, lists of ideas and projects, and on and on and on. I like the rhythm of lists, neat little rows. I like crossing things off. And I like how they organize things in my brain.

So! I’ve decided to share some lists with you. As the title hints, they’ll be lists of five things. Some of them are silly, some more serious, some might actually only be interesting to me, but I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Here’s one to get started:

  1. Yes, they are twins.
  2. Yes, they are both boys.
  3. Yes, they are identical.
  4. Yes, we can tell them apart.
  5. Yes, we have our hands full, and they are completely worth it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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2 responses to “Five Things

  1. Kristen

    I once read an article written by a mom of four or five small children who got the “you must have your hands full” comment all the time. She said she always answered it with “Yes I do. Full of good things!”. I liked that 🙂

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