Naptime Craft: Fabric Flower Bobby Pins

Well, world:


And I have a new naptime craft for you! This one was super easy and quick. I think it maybe took me 15 minutes start to finish and involves zero sewing. It’s a fun way to use up fabric scraps, too.

Here’s what I did (I used this tutorial for fabric flowers as the basis for mine.):

Cut (or tear, if your fabric rips in a straight line) a strip of fabric about 3/4″—1″ wide. (My fabric is a scrap from material I got to use as a nursing cover and leftovers from the A M A Z I N G quilt my Aunt Susan made the boys.)

Fold the strip in half and begin to roll tightly from one end—this is the center of the flower. Once the center is a large as you want it to be—mine are a little less than an inch across—begin to wrap the fabric strip around the center, twisting the fabric as you wrap. When the flower is the size you want, cut the end and attach with fabric glue. Flip the flower over and spread fabric glue on the whole back of it, then cover with a scrap slightly smaller than the flower.

I attached the flowers to the bobby pins with more fabric adhesive, covering the bobby pin on the inside with another, smaller scrap of fabric. I’m hoping this makes it a little more secure.

Voila! Hair accessories!

Here’s the breakdown of costs for one completed fabric flower bobby pin:
– Bobby pin, already owned- $0
– Fabric, already owned- $0
– Fabric glue- $2.97 (in a multipack of 4 different craft adhesives—I have some other glue but it’s somewhere in the Storage Unit Vortex.)

Total: $2.97
worth of glue that will make gobs of bobby pins!

Pssst… If you don’t already have bobby pins or fabric, a 99 cent card of bobby pins and a quarter yard of fabric (maybe another dollar) would make LOTS of these.


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One response to “Naptime Craft: Fabric Flower Bobby Pins

  1. fabric flowers

    The fabric flowers you created are cute and sweet. They look like a candy..

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