Naptime Craft: Newborn Shadowbox

After having my boys, I realized that there are a few things from when they were Teeny Tiny that are both a) super-important to me and b) hard to know what to what to do with. I’m notorious for having little boxes of important memory items that end up in strange places and forgotten- or they just disappear. So however I saved these things- their tiny newborn hats labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’, their ID bands that aren’t even as big around as a quarter but slid off over their hands still at 2 weeks, the swaddle blankets from the hospital- they needed to be

1. on display- not tucked away forever where I would forget they existed.
2. not obnoxiously baby-ish- I wanted them to look good, too.
3. not over-the-top pricey.

My criteria ruled out any sort of box, since then they wouldn’t be on display, and any kind of baby-specific frame/ album/ scrapbook/ anything. I decided a simple shadowbox would be the way to go. That way, I keep all the little things that are my precious newborn memories; they stay separate for each boy, are protected, and I can look at them and enjoy them (and get all misty-eyed) all the time.

Here’s what I did:
My inspiration was Ashley Ann‘s tutorial for a vacation shadowbox. I used Photoshop to combine a newborn photo of each boy with their name, then uploaded the image and had them printed (FYI: mine were 5x7s and I had them printed at Walmart). If you don’t have Photoshop, you could always cut the letters out of a photo and glue them to a background. I popped them into white shadowbox frames from Ikea, then filled the frames with a baby hat, their ID band, my ID band, and a small piece from one of the blankets.

That’s it! All done.

Here’s the breakdown of costs for one completed newborn shadowbox:
– Shadowbox frame- $10
– 5×7 Print, including shipping and tax- $0.62
– Baby hat, blanket, and ID bands- free (or several thousand dollars, depending on how you think about it.)
Total: $10.62 for some beautiful keepsake wall art!



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5 responses to “Naptime Craft: Newborn Shadowbox

  1. Crystal Van Amber

    I absolutely LOVE this Bonnie. They are adorable boxes… and adorable boys!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! May have to steal this idea…

  3. Arden

    My favorite: Their picture in their name.

  4. wayne

    Hi, I was just wondering what font you used for the names?

    • I used Gill Sans Ultra Bold. To get really specific (just in case you were curious, ha ha!), the letters are black, all caps, size 118 pt, line spacing 87 pt, and letter spacing -120. Hope that helps!


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