Where have I BEEN?

So you may have noticed that I’ve been a Terrible Blog Slacker. But we’ve been getting ready for babies! And I can prove it!


My three favorite things:

1. The AMAZING blanket my mom knitted for the boys (hanging on the crib): it’s bright and multicolored and has puffy stripes!

2. The curtain: it’s hard to tell from the photo, but the curtain has really fun scallopy details at the top and bottom. Bonus: it’s actually a fleece throw from Ikea (for 3 dollars!), clipped with curtain rings and hung from a shower curtain rod.

3. The name prints: I made one for each of the boys. Each one has both their first and middle names, meanings, name origin, and who they’re named after. Plus they match the amazing blanket.



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3 responses to “Where have I BEEN?

  1. Amazing. I can’t wait to meet the “boys”.

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