Friday’s Finds: New at Ikea

Yes, Ikea may be crowded, overwhelming, and occasionally shoddy BUT it’s hard to beat it for little things like plant pots, pretty paper napkins, interesting fabrics, and inexpensive dishes. Also, I haven’t been there in months, so I’ve been hunting through their new items for ideas and fun little pieces. Here are some favorites, in no particular order (obviously, since nothing coordinates at all):

1. LANTSTÄLLE plant pot, IKEA, $4
2. SKURAR plant pot, IKEA, $3
3. AINA linen fabric, IKEA, $6/yd
4. VAKEN glass, IKEA, $4/4
5. TORVA soft toys, IKEA, $8
6. GRÖNSKA bag, IKEA, $6
7. SÖDER wall lamp, IKEA, $30
8. MÄTT paper napkin, IKEA, $2/50
9. BÄRBAR tray, IKEA, $6


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