Meal of the Week: Tandoori Fish Flatbreads with Yogurt

This recipe is again mostly from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook that we love so much. We didn’t have naan (an Indian flatbread) so we used regular flatbread from the grocery store, which was pretty similar. Rich used mahi mahi, which we had in the freezer already, and tandoori instead of tikka seasonings (I love recipes that can handle lots of substitutions!). The yogurt (regular plain yogurt) has cilantro and chopped cucumber mixed in; it’s a popular Indian condiment that helps cool things down if they’re spicy. I love it slathered on basically every Indian dish.

P.s. I found the recipe online! Measurements are metric, but should be an easy conversion.
There are also lots more wonderful recipes to check out on his Food Revolution website. YUM!


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