Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

Rich made this woooonnnnnderful soup for us a couple nights ago, and says it was super simple. Here is what he did (according to him):

Start by toasting raw cashews in a dry pan, then set them aside. Slice chicken breasts into pieces, then coat in 5 spice powder, salt, and pepper; cook in a little oil until they are JUST done. In another pot, bring 1 quart of broth to a boil. Add 1 diced red chile*, diced fresh ginger, bamboo shoots, rice noodles, and snow peas. Let simmer another couple minutes, then squeeze half a lime into the soup. Take it off the heat. Serve by putting fresh baby spinach into a bowl and ladling the noodle-broth mixture over top. Add chicken, cashews, and a little bit more diced red chile.

Seriously, this soup doesn’t just have good looks; it is DELICIOUS. It’s a mix of textures and flavors: fresh, bright, a little spicy, with the wonderful toasty nuttiness from the cashews… I just made myself hungry again.

P.s. To have it again as leftovers (if you have any left!) you can put everything but the fresh baby spinach into one container in the fridge.

P.p.s. This recipe is taken (with some little modifications) from this cookbook.

*Whatever kind you prefer- we found some at Publix that look like what I picture when I think “chile”, but there was no name on them and the employees didn’t know what they were, either. They were perfect, though, with just the littlest kick and beautiful color.


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