Photo Lessons

Because I’m on bed rest, I’m not really able to use my camera. The couple of times I have shot any photos, Rich has to go get my camera bag, get out the camera for me (the lens I keep on it is HEAVY), wait for me to take my shots (which I can’t go anywhere to take), then put the whole thing back for me. This is pretty frustrating and discouraging for me; I feel more trapped when I want to photograph something than just about any other time.

Rich, though, is not only super helpful getting me set up with the camera on occasion, he is super curious about my camera and how to use it. This has turned in to photography lessons for him, and vicarious enjoyment of photography for me. He shot his first “real” photos today (meaning, not just snapping photos of the kitchen to practice choosing camera settings) and they are really beautiful. He is an excellent student and has a good eye for composing a shot. Plus, his photos of last night’s sunset are killer!

Wanna see?



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2 responses to “Photo Lessons

  1. Wow. I love the third one. The grass and the tree make a great frame!

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