Fashionable Handsomes: MANLY Edition

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the first day of March, the birth month of my super-awesome husband. Thus, I’ve had Manly Man things on the brain as I’ve been looking for gifts for him. I am notoriously terrible at keeping surprises I’m excited about a secret, so I’m pretty sure he won’t be the littlest bit surprised if he ends up with something from below. (Rich, this is your warning: forget this post now, ok?)

Clockwise from upper left:
1. Webbing scout belt, J. Crew, $29.50
2. Men’s Shaving Gift Set, Paradise Body Shop, $25
3. iPhone/iPod docking station, Woodtec, $98
4. Radio-Activity (Spread Music Love) tee, Threadless, $10
5. Wool felt iPhone case, Byrd and Belle, $28

Clockwise from upper left:
6. Variegated stripe socks, GAP, $6
7. Military Linen-Blend Shirts, Old Navy, $25
8. Canvas messenger bag, Urban Outfitters, $48
9. Striped fleece hoodie, Old Navy, $29.50


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