4D Ultrasounds, Or: Why I Love My Perinatologist

I go pretty much weekly to the perinatologist at this point, and every time I go, they check both babies for growth and signs of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion, among other things. But these ultrasound technicians are seriously The Best. They try so hard to give us a good photo of each baby’s face every time- even if we just got one the week before. (We joke that these just might be the most photographed babies in-utero, ever. I’ve had probably eight or nine ultrasounds so far, which is the fun, unexpected benefit to the complications so far.)

I had my weekly “check-in” today- everything looked good and NO HOSPITAL this week, YES!- and goofy little Baby A would not roll over and show his face. So the tech took a 4D photo of his leg. You can see his whole little foot and calf muscle and everything!

Then, she looked at the photo for a second…

…rotated it…

…and there it was: Baby B’s face. Smushed right under Baby A’s foot. This is definitely in my top three pictures I have of them.


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One response to “4D Ultrasounds, Or: Why I Love My Perinatologist

  1. Glad things went well today! I love the pictures! They are definitely true brothers. Already wrestling. Justin would be pleased. 🙂

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