Friday’s Finds: Pretty Pillows

Seeing as I’m on bedrest, pillows seemed like an appropriate find for today! These are fun, bright, and cheerful, just like I like my pillows; I’m pretty sure they could make the bleakest day of bed rest THAT MUCH happier.

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Big Bow Pillow Cover, Soraam, $32
2. Chinoiserie Long Pillow, Dwell Studio, $58
3. Paint Palette Pillow, CB2, $34.95
4. Moi et Toi natural linen pillow cover, Hazel and Hunter, $60
5. Marimekko Kanteleen Kutsu Throw Pillow, FinnStyle, $64

(Clockwise from upper left)
6. Zigzag Velvet Pillow, Urban Outfitters, $32
7. Sailor Rectangles Pillow, Unison Home, $52
8. Crest & Fall Pillow, Anthropologie, $98
9. Orimono Pillow, Anthropologie, $88
10. Vilmie Figur Cushion Cover, Ikea, $10
11. Henny Cushion Cover, Ikea, $6
12. Clementine Beads Canvas Pillow, Hable Construction, $95


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