Home Again, Home Again (Jiggedy Jig)

How do you know you’re really home from the hospital? You get to cut off your bands!

This is what my husband says when we leave somewhere to head home. (I’m pretty positive it’s one of many sayings he gets from his dad, including several in German.)

But it is true- I am home again, and were I not still on strict bed rest, I would be dancing several kinds of jigs! I had another ultrasound on Monday, and things looked good enough that my OB and perinatologist decided I could go home. We also got to see The Boys again; they each weight about a pound and a half, and are both in the exact same position- breech, with their heads next to each other. They’re pretty much the most beautiful babies of all time.

Monday evening, leaving the hospital, was the first time I’d been outside in more than a week. The air felt so incredible- it was dusk, and a little cool, and we drove the whole way with the car windows down. I’ve never appreciated AIR so much! It is truly a blessing to be home (we’re staying with my sweet parents now to make things a little easier), even though we know I could still go back to the hospital. We’re thinking of this more like a wonderful vacation, whether it lasts a few days or many weeks.

According to my doctors, the goal at this point is to make it to 28 weeks (that’s in eighteen days, holy cow), and then every day (or week!) after that is a gift. Everything about this pregnancy has been such a surprise, though, that I’m almost equally anticipating 28 weeks as I am 35!



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2 responses to “Home Again, Home Again (Jiggedy Jig)

  1. John Sanders

    Have you heard the “Shut up, Bob” phrase yet? It’s my favorite!

  2. Heather Bush

    My family totally says this!! I have no idea where they got it but it is used all the time!

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