Fashionable Lovelies: Girly Edition

I’ve been enamored with all things ruffly, sparkly, spangled, pink and jeweled during this whole pregnancy- perhaps a side effect of having two boys on board? I would snap up every single thing here in a heartbeat if I had a normal, non-pregnant-lady belly- and a few hundred extra dollars! (Don’t worry, though, it’s not all break-the-bank pricey. I’m not cruel.)

1. Crinkled Colorblock Scarf, Forever 21, $8.80

2. Rose Quartz Ring, Loft, $24.50

3. Tiered Ruffle Tank, Old Navy, $22.50

4. Lightweight Ruffle-Trim Top, Old Navy, $14.99

5. Painted Morning Skirt, Anthropologie, $88

6. Chiffon pouchette, J. Crew, $98

7. Fierce Flats, Kate Spade, $225

8. Earrings, Old Navy, $7.50




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4 responses to “Fashionable Lovelies: Girly Edition

  1. Bonnie,

    Are you hand making (digital hand I guess) these numbered mini posters or is the a program/site you are using.

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