Bed Rest, Day 1: The Sanity-Saving To-Do List

Today marks the first full day of bed rest for me. I decided two things when I woke up: first, I am not going to be a lazy bum and do nothing but watch TV, and second, that I am not going to be a pile of miserable, mopey mush (oooh, alliteration!).

And so, because I am one of those “List People,” I made a to-do list. It might seem a little silly, but I had read in one of my pregnancy books that if you are on bed rest, a to-do list, even of things that seem so basic, can help you still feel a sense of accomplishment. On my list I included:

  • Make Rich breakfast.
  • Paint nails.
  • Take vitamin.
  • (Plus some other more-important things, too, like rewriting Rich’s cover letters and updating his resume, writing out lesson plans for substitutes for this week, and getting some final paperwork together for our mortgage.)

And you know what? The to-do list totally helped. At the end of the day, I had crossed almost everything off and felt like I had really Done Something. I think this is something that will be good for me to keep doing each day, so I can look back and see that yes, I have accomplished something. I am already realizing how very, very hard it is to have perspective when it feels like there is nothing you can contribute.

Tomorrow, my Gramma is bringing us dinner and picking up our dirty laundry. This woman is a gem! She also said that she’s coming on Thursday to clean our bathrooms. (!!!) God bless her.

I’ll end with a quote from one of my most beloved authors, C.S. Lewis, that seems particularly appropriate right now:

We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.



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3 responses to “Bed Rest, Day 1: The Sanity-Saving To-Do List

  1. Laurie Hoshauer

    Here is something for your “to do” list: Spend time writing REAL letters to your friends and family – what a special way to bless people in this world of “instant email and messages”.

  2. Hilary Shepherd

    Hi Bonnie
    Thinking and praying for you as you nurture your two little boys. What a wonderful idea to do a blog and thank you for the little gems of wisdom you have shared so far. This will be a blessing not just for you but also for anyone who reads it. Thank you for your honesty as you share what is in your heart and what you are learning along the way. xx

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